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Murray C. Pitt

To whom it may concern:

The purpose of this letter is to recommend Richard Wax & Associates, LLC. I purchased a house on Cottonwood Circle from Richard Wax & Associates in May of 1998. During the three years I have lived in the house I have found it to be very well built and comfortable. The quality of the construction has been superb. The finishes have worn so very well and I have yet to find a squeak in the hardwood floors. The "fit and finish" to this day have been virtually problem free.

I have always found Richard Wax and Jeff Davis very easy to work with. They are honest and direct. They always do what they say and often give more than normally expected. As an example, one year after purchasing the house I called and asked if they could provide me with a screen door off of my bedroom. I fully expected to pay the cost since it was their expertise that I wanted. After the door was hung they refused to give me an invoice and merely said "it's our pleasure." This is an example of always erring on my side rather than theirs is the cornerstone of our relationship. In addition, whenever I needed a service call they were prompt to respond and always followed through to see if the job was finished properly. It always seemed that anyone they sent to my house was professional and truly cared about the quality of their work.

It is my opinion that anyone choosing Richard Wax & Associates, LLC will get a builder who wants the customer to be happy with the home. I know that they will be easy to work with, honest, dependable and do exactly what they say.


Murray C. Pitt

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