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John Barroll Brown

I bought a home in Aspen Colorado from Richard Wax & Associates some five years ago. My family uses the home for holiday purposes and we have been so pleased with the quality of build and accommodation provided that we are constantly tempted to upgrade to Richard's Newest construction. It seems to me that each one surpasses its predecessor and were we to be able to make an Aspen home our main residence we would first look to find a larger Richard Wax home.

I have some experience of property development including residential projects and I have been delighted as surprised to find that Richard and his colleagues continue to show a pride of development in their projects, long after sale, which includes a willingness to advise on and help with issues long after they cease to have any responsibility to do so. I suspect that Richard's attention to detail and determination to deliver a quality product may, on occasions, be to his own financial loss -- an extremely unusual and welcome attribute in any house builder.

John Barroll Brown

Chairman & Chief Executive, CIT

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