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Nestled within the prestigious Maroon Creek Golf Club, 1580 Tiehack Rd stands as a beacon of luxury in Aspen, meticulously crafted by Richard Wax & Associates. This 15,000 sq ft estate, the crown jewel of the front row in Pyramid Point Estates, offers a turnkey-furnished haven with 6 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, and 43 rooms, complete with nine fireplaces and 4,000 sq feet of snowmelt patios and driveway. From the moment of entry, sophistication pervades through sumptuous designs, reflecting an unwavering commitment to unparalleled excellence. The grand master suite, state-of-the-art kitchen, indoor pool, and theater converge to create an environment for the creation of cherished family memories. A complete health spa, automatic glass doors transforming the indoor pool into an outdoor retreat, and an architecturally stunning exterior adorned with natural stone veneer and expansive windows complete this 5.7-acre estate. Set within a private gated community, it exemplifies Aspen living at its zenith and stands as the unrivaled epitome of modern luxury in the Roaring Fork Valley.

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